This aspect of our business is best represented by one client’s story: 

When CIGNA Corporation, a long-time Pizzagalli tenant, outgrew its facilities at Carmel Executive Park in Charlotte, North Carolina, Pizzagalli Properties built a new 71,400 square foot building at Regency Executive Park, another Pizzagalli-owned office park.  Soon afterward, the building was expanded to 118,000 square feet.  The success of this project led to CIGNA calling on Pizzagalli to build a 104,000 square foot building near Chicago, Illinois.  Before completion, this new building was expanded another 48,000 square feet. Satisfaction with the Illinois project led to CIGNA asking Pizzagalli to build yet another building to meet their ever-expanding business needs.  This time, a 189,000 square foot facility was built in Scranton, Pennsylvania.  To all of these projects, the Pizzagalli team brought experience in site acquisition, permitting, design, financing, construction, and leasing.

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